About Our Owner

Before establishing Mark’s Windows & Doors in St. Catharines, ON, Mark started out working for a high-volume company in Markham, ON. As an apprentice to a window installer, Mark learned the importance of maintaining a standard of excellence at all times.

After several years, Mark bought a truck and some tools, and took on the role as the lead installer for the company. He then moved on to work for a large box store, where he saw the difference in the quality of products and services that were being offered to the lower-end side of the business.

Expanding His Skill Set
Mark’s creative nature prompted him to start designing and building decks. He has always put safety above everything because he cares about the well-being of his clients.

As Mark’s knowledge increased, so did his desire to become involved in the windows and doors business. He started working for an Anderson supplier where he had the opportunity to take on projects in high-end homes. Also, he became acquainted with the service and sales side of the windows and doors industry.

Every Client Is a Partner
Ever since Mark founded his own company, he has considered every project as a partnership, listening to and learning from his clients. He guarantees the work we do and the products we offer, always striving to deliver to our clients’ expectations.

Whether you want to have a door installed or a fence constructed, expect 100% satisfaction if you choose Mark’s Windows & Doors.

Our company serves the entire Niagara Peninsula. Call 905-327-3971  for a free quote.