Exterior Siding for Your Home

Upgrading or replacing your house’s siding is a decision you should make wisely. Mark’s Windows & Doors in St. Catharines, ON can help you pick a siding that beautifully complements your home’s design, saves energy, and is within your intended budget.

We carry siding materials from Kaycan and Royal Windows and Doors, which are known for supplying world-class exterior building products. Choose from a wide range of materials, including vinyl and engineered wood.

Benefits of New Siding

Repairs Structural Damage
Old siding can allow rainwater to seep into your windows, causing structural damage to your house. Installing a new siding improves the integrity of your home by repairing both visible and hidden damages. Also, high-quality siding saves you a lot of money from costly repairs in the future.

Boosts Your Home’s Value
Siding comes in various colours and textures, and can play a huge role in increasing the curb appeal of your home. By improving the architectural details of your house, you could potentially boost its value in the process.

Energy Efficiency
New siding should add insulation to your exterior walls and ceiling. Save up on your electricity bills with an energy-efficient home.

Marks Windows and Door
Marks Windows and Door
Marks Windows and Door

Protect your home from the elements with a waterproof vinyl siding. Call us today at    905-327-3971   to receive a free quote.